Stories about Switching

What: Stories about Switching

Where: PLNT, Langegracht 70, 2312NV, Leiden

When: 31st January 2019, 17:30

On January 31 Gulliver organizes a new edition of ‘Stories about’. This time we will discuss what it means to switch between entrepreneurship and employment in both directions. On the one hand it raises questions like: what does it mean to give up your (successful) job and start your own business, what are the drivers to do so, and how did it work out? On the other hand, why did you choose to give up your entrepreneurial freedom, and become an employee?

Susanne de Nooijer, partner at Deloitte, will tell her story about being a tax entrepreneur. She was one of the early adopters of technology in the tax landscape. She founded Tytho, which is now acquired by Deloitte.

Joris Castermans will take us along his journey of becoming an entrepreneur after years of employment. Joris is an industrial product designer and now mainly working in the field of IOT.

With his experience, Joris is helping organizations to find suitable technical solutions to grow business. Besides Joris is working on a social, machine learning start-up which he will discuss on the 31st of January.