Stories about Image Building

Perfect! You have a wonderful idea for a startup. Time to conquer the world. But your product is not the only thing that sells. What is the identity of your product which lures people in? What do you want your image to be? Thursday March 12 we welcome two guest speakers who will tell you about how to build an image. They will also share their own experiences while creating the image of the own companies.


  • 17.15 walk-in
  • 17.30 Opening
  • 17.35 Simone Plukkel, learning expert
  • 17.50 Joris Nuiver, creative strategist
  • 18.05 Start discussion
  • 18.30 Food and drinks

Joris Nuiver helps organizations to grow. He developed a systematic method to better understand your own brand, learn how your customers behave and link the customer to your brand in a creative way. Joris has created creative strategies for several municipalities, educational institutes and corporates. Helping businesses to grow always starts with humans and their behavior. Joris holds a masters degree in communication and information studies and has experience in teaching.

Simone Plukkel is the founder of Pluk. Pluk enables entrepreneurs to realize their vision by assisting them with setting up workshops, courses and online seminars for their customers. With a Master’s degree in educational science she can call herself learning expert and has helped many companies provide real value to their clients.