Competition 2022

On December 8th the Gulliver final 2022 took place. There was fierce competition between ExCulture, Heliostrome and Baseline.

In the end the jury decided to reward ExCulture with €10.000. Mainly the stage that the different startups are in contributed to the hard decision. ExCulture works on a solution for the following: the production of some medicines is dependent on Heparin. Heparin is a substance that originates from pig intestines. Heparin is on a shortage list, amongst other things because of swine fever. Aisling Foley and Ilaria Poledri develop a new drug development method for lifesaving pharmaceuticals independent from animals

The Special BioPartner €2500 price for best life science idea went to Baseline. The jury argued that this €2500 will help Baseline a lot in the verification of her methods. The €2500 will be enough to further proof the concept and then attract more funding. The jury had good faith in the solution that baseline develops for hormones testing. Besides the price money, baseline also won 6 month of free working space at PLNT.